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Welcome to Narrative Economics! We are a research group initially founded at UCLA in sunny California in late 2017 with a goal to study the creation, spread and propagation of narratives and how they create socio-political and economic impact in the world. Our work builds on the research published by Nobel Laureate Professor of Economics Robert Shiller in early 2017, and on advancement in Large Language Models especially with the breakthrough from Google's paper: Transformer: A Novel Neural Network Architecture for Language Understanding (Aug 2017).

Our Narrative Analytics Platform, based on proprietary cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence technologies, enables investment managers, product managers, and brand managers to objectively understand feelings, emotions, and actions of customers and to drive the narrative suitable to their businesses, a process that is not feasible through the traditional means in this increasingly complex and fast paced world.

Our Services

Narrative Economics is focused on helping organization large and small to use narrative modeling to help improve their positioning.


Finding Your Product Narrative

No matter your product is a high-tech app, a home appliance, or a car, the narrative drives its popularity and therefore sales. We help you to determine and drive your narrative so as to avoid any distractions to your prospects and customers and to enable them to effectively use the product. We work with you determine narrative channels of your product and set up our innovative narrative extraction and control applications for you to simply watch and process the narrative.

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Our NE API exposes services to determine and control narrative. Your can use the restful NE API to build products and services. The API services include information acquisition, emotion analytics, topic modeling, action assessment, model development, narrative structuring, spread analysis, time-series analysis, and dynamic modelling. The API is offered as a software package that you can package within your application or as a SaaS hosted on AWS.

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